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Christmas Gift Basket Italian Food and Wine Specialties


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At Christmas, give or give away the best of Italian food and wine tradition with this basket that contains a small selection of typical high quality products.

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From Bellucci cooked cotechino, excellent and inimitable, to the slice of Parmigiano Reggiano seasoned, famous and appreciated also across the Alps, from the slice of Speck Alto Adice to Fusilloni pasta from Gragnano. This basket takes you on a virtual food and wine itinerary along the roads of Italian taste: a series of irresistible temptations.

Woollen container with handles; Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium wooden cheeseboard Parmigiano Reggiano; Consortium cheese knife Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium recipe Book; Cà De Medici Lambrusco DOC, 11°, one 750 ml bottle; Mionetto Vivo Cuvée Blanc spumante, 11°, one 750 ml bottle; Bellucci pre-cooked cotechino salame, 500 g; Tenuta del Cervo mignon lentils, 175 g bag; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wedge, aged 30 months,

150 g; Antichi Sapori d’Italia classic salame, 200 g; Speck Alto Adige IGP Senfter, approx. 390 g; Gragnano Fusilloni pasta, two 250 g packages; Tenuta del Cervo boletus mushroom

pasta sauce, 185 g jar; Bontàloro grilled peppers, 285 g jar; Bontàloro grilled vegetables, 285 g jar; Bontàloro sliced artichokes, 285 g jar; Diamante Nero balsamic vinegar IGP, 250 ml bottle; Tenuta del Cervo sesame seed and rosemary flavoured breadsticks, 100 g;



To guarantee its integrity during transport, all glass products are packaged in the bubble wrap. It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as shown in the photo.