General Conditions and Contractual Sales of the company Scanderebech Federica for the site Pursuant to and for the purposes of Decree Law 22/05/1999, n. 185 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts" as well as the latest European directives that came into force on 16 June 2014 and the Circular no. 3487 / C of 01/06/2000 of the Ministry of Industry concerning the Legislative Decree n. 114 of 31/03/1998 "Rules for the sale of goods by electronic means. E-commerce".
From the moment the consumer accesses and uses the site is subject to accession and agrees to be legally bound to comply with the terms and conditions set out below, including all documents reported. We invite you to examine this document carefully before using the services. The consumer may refuse to access the website or use it if he does not want to accept and respect these terms and conditions.

Art.1 - Definitions Supplier of goods and services (also called Merchant):
 - Company Scanderebech Federica
 - Corso Giovanni Lanza, 19 - 10131 Turin (To)
 - VAT number: 11146650012
 - REA - TO 1192605
As the owner of the website:
Consumer: User or Customer of the site
Art.2 - Nature of the assets
The goods and services for sale are those described on the pages of, where the name of the gift product and any description contain the essential characteristics of the products, actually for sale. These data are subject to changes, periodic updates, for the purpose of a subsequent improvement of the service for the Consumer.
Art.3 - Prices and availability of products
The prices of Ditta Scanderebech Federica products are clearly indicated on the website and are understood as excluding VAT. The price of the product will be added to the shipping cost where applicable, the amount of which varies according to the required delivery rule, in addition to customs duties where due. In the event that the product is not available, you will be promptly notified by e-mail. The price of the purchased goods is summarized in the order form when the Customer accepts these conditions by electronic selection and sends the order form directly to the Company, via e-mail or fax to Company Scanderebech Federica I prices and availability of products marketed by Ditta Scanderebech Federica are subject to change without notice.
Art.4 - Purchase contracts stipulated by minors
The purchase can be made only by adults. However, if you were to verify the purchase by a minor by providing false information regarding age, or false indications to purchase the desired item and / or to access the desired data, the parents are directly responsible for the payment of what purchased for the use of the same, without prejudice to the discipline of withdrawal as per art. 7 of the present conditions of sale.
Art.5 - Orders and billing
Orders are accepted in writing, e-mail, internet, or fax. The conclusion of the contract is subject to the Customer's payment of the full amount with one of the allowed payment rules. The Tax Invoice could also be issued following the delivery of the goods, within the time prescribed by law.

Art.6 - Delivery of goods
The delivery of the goods takes place within the terms indicated in the proposal, at the address indicated by the consumer and through the Courier appointed by Ditta Scanderebech Federica The identification of the goods and the relative transfer of ownership takes place at the time of remittance of the goods to the Courier. With this deed, the delivery obligation on the Scanderebech Federica company will also be considered fulfilled. In order to avoid fraud, the Corriere reserves the right to check an identity document, which demonstrates the coincidence of the data between the order information and the holder of the Credit Card. For the same purpose, the Customer must provide a telephone number, which will be used only and exclusively, to give more security to the transaction / shipment, as well as the indication of the name on the intercom / bell, if any. If at the time of delivery the recipient is absent, the person in charge will leave a message / notice to agree with the customer another delivery time or allow the parcel to be picked up at the nearest courier office.
 Art.7 - Guarantees of the Company Scanderebech Federica.
a) Damaged product "Replacement Service": all shipments of the company Scanderebech Federica are "Guaranteed and Insured" against any breakages, tampering and accidents. In the event that one or more products do not appear in perfect condition because they were damaged during transport, the company Scanderebech Federica undertakes to replace these products with a new supply or, if this is not possible, to reimburse their amount, within the deadline of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery and following notification, to be made within 3 (three) working days, by the Customer to our Customer Service, provided that the Customer, upon receipt / withdrawal, IS TAKEN to verify the integrity and quantity of the goods received in the presence of the person responsible for delivery, contesting and immediately reporting any tampering, deformation, damage or alteration found and noting it on the delivery receipt. In the case of packaging intact you must sign the delivery receipt (Transport Document or Waybill) ALWAYS enclosing the words "YOU ACCEPT WITH RESERVE OF CONTROL" in the space provided for the notes, so you can perform the assessments later the company Scanderebech Federica reserves the right to demand that the damaged products be returned to the company Scanderebech Federica, with evidence of damages and at its own expense. within the term of 15 (fifteen) days from delivery, and in any case after agreements with the Customer for the modalities of the collection by the appointed Courier. Only by complying with the methods described above, replacement and redelivery costs will be borne by the company Scanderebech Federica, which reserves the right to comply only and exclusively following the return to the site of the products and their control.
b) Inexact product: the company Scanderebech Federica guarantees that the products object of sale on correspond to what is described on the site. In the event that one or more products do not correspond to what was requested, the company Scanderebech Federica undertakes to replace them with a new supply or, if this is not possible, to reimburse their amount, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery and following notification, to be done within 3 (three) working days, by the Customer to our Customer Service. The incorrect products must be returned to the company Scanderebech Federica. at the expense of the same within the term of 14 (fifteen) days from delivery, and in any case after agreements with the Customer for the modalities of the collection by the appointed Courier. The same must be returned intact, in unaltered conditions and complete the original packaging and placed in their original packaging, or in any case in packaging suitable to allow a safe shipment. The company Scanderebech Federica reserves the right to replace, at its own expense, the incorrect products or to reimburse their amount only and exclusively following their return to headquarters and to their control.
c) Reporting / Replacement of defective goods: in the case of goods deemed defective, the Customer must, within 20 (twenty) days from the date of receipt of the order, inform via e-mail the company Scanderebech Federica at or by phone at +39 3357364529, so you can immediately identify the problem and find a solution together.

Art.8 - User Responsibility
a) The company Scanderebech Federica assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from use or incorrect use of the service provided by In no case will the company Scanderebech Federica, its representatives and its employees, be liable to you or anyone else.
b) The company Scanderebech Federica assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions in or any website that may be referenced or linked.
c) The company Scanderebech Federica does not guarantee that the service will meet the needs of the user.
d) The company Scanderebech Federica reserves the right to a continuous updating of the site that can be done at any time. The information may contain inaccuracies of any kind or typing errors.
e) The company Scanderebech Federica does not guarantee that the services performed by are provided without interruption, this will be announced in advance except for causes not dependent on the will of the company Scanderebech Federica f) The company Scanderebech Federica is solely responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of what is provided via the website www.
g) The company Scanderebech Federica. disclaims any liability towards the purchaser or third parties for indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages (including, without limiting them, loss of profits, revenues, commercial opportunities) arising from or in relation to a product or service supplied by Scanderebech Federica., or from the use or inability to use it.
h) The company Scanderebech Federica. assumes no responsibility for the disservices due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that could prevent, in whole or in part, to execute in time agreed to the contract. The company Scanderebech Federica will not be liable to any party for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the non-execution of the contract for the reasons mentioned above, having the Customer only entitled to the refund of the price paid.
i) Without prejudice to the hypothesis of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the company Scanderebech Federica, it is now agreed that, if the liability of the same in any way against the Customer is ascertained, including the total or partial non-performance, to the obligations assumed by the company Scanderebech Federica. towards the Customer due to the execution of an order, the responsibility of Scanderebech Federica can not be higher than the price of the products purchased by the Customer and for which the dispute arose.
Art.9 - Responsibility of the user
The User is obliged to ensure that their data are truthful, complete, updated and to promptly notify any changes to them. In the event that false declarations are made, the loss of benefits obtained from the services provided is envisaged. The Scanderebech Federica company. reserves the right to elect such subjects from their user lists, after formal and not accepted invitation to self-correction.
Art.10 - Competent Court
This contract is governed by the rules of the legal system of the Italian Republic. For any controversy inherent to the present contract the Court of Turin is inexorably competent. Only for companies.